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Fulkerson osteotomy

Fulkerson osteotomy is indicated in people with chronic patellofemoral or anterior knee pain, in whom the TA-GT distance is greater than 15mm. The technique is described here with Dr. Gelber's personal preferences. It could be considered as one of the most gratifying surgeries of knee orthopedics.

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ACL reconstruction and valgus osteotomy

When the anterior cruciate ligament must be reconstructed associated with a valgus osteotomy of the tibia, there are many technical details to consider in order to perform the surgery successfully. Both the order of each technical step and assessment of the patellar height. In this case, due to the preoperative patella infera, proximalization of the [...]

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Tibia tibial osteotomy

A knee osteotomy is a surgical procedure performed on patients who have only one compartment of their knee injured, usually in the medial aspect of the joint. An isolated treatment of a meniscal tear without considering the alignment of the limb can lead to a worsening of the pain and an irreversible degeneration of [...]

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