In cases of contained injuries of the articular cartilage of the knee, many treatment’s alternatives can be considered. Some involve 2 surgical procedures. A technique that can be performed in a single surgery is the use of scaffolds that help the different products that are combined to stay in the injury space without getting leaked in other sides of the joint. This mesh can be mixed with stem cells, PRP, iliac crest concentrates, or other biologic products. However, no differences have been established with the simplest nanofractures. In this technique, a refinement of the popular and too aggressive microfracture, small holes of 1 mm in diameter are made at the bottom of the lesion, so that bone marrow progenitor cells are oriented in the defect. They then differenciate into collagen-like cells and promote the synthesis of a fibrocartilaginous tissue within the previously placed scaffold. In this case of a 15-year-old patient with a OCD of the medial femoral condyle, a mesh of hyaluronic acid (HYALOFAST) was used.