When a total knee replacement is needed?

If the knee is severely damaged due to osteoarthritis and this prevents one from performing simple daily activities and if painkillers, changes in activity levels and the use of assistance to walk does not help, then surgery for total knee replacement should be considered. To restore damaged and worn surfaces of the knee, total knee replacement surgery can relieve pain, correct the deformity of the leg and help in the performance of daily activities.

Importantly, over 90% of people experience a very significant reduction in pain and a significant improvement in the ability to perform common activities of daily life. However, total replacement will not make you into a super athlete or allow you to do more than what could be done before developing arthritis.

The surgery itself takes approximately  60 to 90 minutes. It consists of removing the damaged cartilage and bone to then place a new joint surface of metal and plastic in order to restore the alignment and function of your knee.

Sometimes, and depending on the degree and extent of involvement of the knee, we recommend partial prostheses like the unicompartmental knee arthroplasty and the patellofemoral arthroplasty.

One must remember that although you will be able to walk with crutches or a walker almost immediately after surgery, you will need help from others for several weeks with certain activities, such as cooking, shopping, bathing and washing clothes.