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Ligaments videos

Double Bundle PCL reconstruction

Video showing the reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament of the knee with a double bundle technique. Each surgical step is observed and justified, focusing on orthopaedic surgeons and also the general public. This video shows the technique with Conmed’s revolutionary adjustable loop devices, the Infinity system.

PCL Webinar for Mexico

On the night of Thursday, July 23 in Mexico, and at dawn on Friday, July 24 in Spain, Doctor Gelber gave a new claimed. In this time, on a webinar organized by FEMECOT, the Mexican Federation of Orthopedic and Traumatology Colleges. The webinar topic was on reconstruction of the posterior cruciate ligament. In particular, Dr. Gelber explained and presented his preferences for the double-bundle reconstruction. He also highlighted the importance of the use of postoperative dynamic braces for a better follow-up result. In this video, the presentations of Dr. Francisco Cruz (Mexico) and John Richmon (USA) are also included.

My favorite ACL reconstruction technique in 2020

ACL reconstruction is one of the most frequent surgeries in sports injuries. There are numerous surgical alternatives, which depend on the patient, his/her expectations, age, sports activity, gender, anatomical characteristics, laxity, and surgeon preferences. Dr. Gelber, world-reference in knee surgery, share his preferred technique in this video. Specifically, he uses a 100% anatomical technique, with the hamstrings tendons as a graft. This is fixed with a game-changer adjustable femoral fixation and double tibial fixation, all of them with the Conmed Infinity system. In addition, ACL reconstruction is complemented by an lateral extra-articular tenodesis, which has shown to decrease the failure rate by 50%, with far superior control of rotational stability. Although the technique and all its variants must be adjusted to each individual patient, this is his preferred technique. Especially indicated in young patients with high functional demand, such as athletes under 25 years of age.

Hamstring Graft Preparation

Proper preparation of an autologous hamstring graft or any soft-tissue graft is a key step during anterior cruciate ligament surgery. In this video you can see the two alternatives that Doctor Gelber uses, with the Conmed’s innovative Infinity adjustable cortical fixation system:
1) When it is fixed on the tibial side with an interference screw exclusively
2) When on the tibial side, an adjustable cortical button fixation is also used. This is tipically the way to prepare grafts in the so-called all-inside technique. However, it can also be used in standard drilling tunnel technique with a larger button. Doctor Gelber particularly uses double distal fixation (Interferential Screw and Cortical Button for back-up)

Combined anterolateral and posterolateral knee reconstruction

Combined knee instabilities can be a difficult challenge to diagnose and treat. It has been usually said that an anterolateral and a posterolateral instability work in an opposite direction and it is not possible to solve both in the same patient, having to choose the one that was believed to be more relevant. However, there are cases that contradict this statement, such as that of this 17-year-old female patient with both instabilities in relation to a previous surgery that was insufficient. In this case, it was resolved with a lateral extra-articular tenodesis and a reconstruction of the popliteal-fibular ligament. She also had a cartilage injury that was treated with two autologous osteochondral plugs from the same knee (mosaicplasty or OATS procedure).

Cross-fire on multiligament knee injuries

A webinar on the biggest controversies in surgery for multiligament knee injuries, in a fun format where doctors Jorge Chahla (Chicago, USA) and Dr Pablo Gelber (Barcelona) discussed and present their points of view.
Learn more about Dr. Jorge Chahla MD PhD 👉  www.jorgechahlamd.com

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